Feel like you are drowning in paper?

Many people who operate as sole traders and even some salary and wage employees get overwhelmed with paper receipts and keeping track of these. Technology has progressed and cloud based utilities have become easily accessible which provides an easy paperless solution to your pile of documents and receipts. Here at Nixer were are completely paperless Read More

Common Deductions that could increase your tax refund

Some people look forward to tax time as they receive some money back from the ATO on their tax return. Whilst these deductions can’t be claimed by everyone, we have put together some of the common deductions that you could potentially be claimed by the relevant tax payer: – The cost of your tax affairs: Read More

The emergence of the share economy

Over the past couple of years the share sector has emerged into a leading force in the Australian economy. This has been great for employment in the country, as it has allowed for more Australians to be employed and/or operate as sole traders. Uber, Airtasker, Deliveroo, Airbnb and Gocatch are some of the businesses driving Read More

Tax tips & tricks

We understand that not many people love tax time and our goal is to help you to achieve a quick and stress free tax experience. Here are some general tax tips and tricks that will help you at tax time: 1. Keep good records At the end of the day, there is nothing worse than Read More

Introducing Nixer

It’s time for a holiday. Your bags are packed and tickets are booked.  You order an Uber and make your way to the airport.  Along the way you log into Airbnb, check your booking details for your destination and also confirm what time the Airbnb guest is arriving at your house.   The cleaner is Read More