Introducing Nixer

It’s time for a holiday. Your bags are packed and tickets are booked.  You order an Uber and make your way to the airport.  Along the way you log into Airbnb, check your booking details for your destination and also confirm what time the Airbnb guest is arriving at your house.


The cleaner is due at your place in 1hr.  You know because you booked it with the TidyMe app.  Logging in to your online banking, you smile because you have plenty of cash.  You earned it working part time for the firm, part time as a freelancer and weekends driving an Uber.


This is the share economy and it’s awesome!


We are now in the golden age of convenience and flexibility.  The share economy is letting us adapt work to our schedule, not fitting in a life around the 9-5.  It’s a new, powerful and exciting time to be a part of.


But with the opportunity to own your own business comes the responsibility to manage and monitor your own tax and finances.


It’s no secret that the old style of thinking about tax and finances is set up for two very separate types of people – you’re either an employee or a business owner. Now most people are both at the same time.


Work part-time as a web developer, do some freelance copywriting on the side and rent your pad out on Airbnb when you spend the week at your parents’ place?


These scenarios are becoming more the norm than the exception.


But how do you manage your financial and tax obligations as a micro entrepreneur?  How can you avoid being stung with a monster surprise bill from the ATO that threatens to put your holiday on hold or a serious dent in your savings.


As a micro-entrepreneur, you’re priced out of the market for a good accountant.  You’re left to your own devices to manage your business with spreadsheets and outdated software.  You’re left to fend for yourself with the tax office.


So along comes Nixer – we’re building a web-based solution that helps you at every stage from getting your business set up, to managing your earnings to lodging your tax return.


Nixer is your personal accountant, adviser and finance department all in one.


We want to provide valuable guidance that makes things simple when it comes to keeping track of your tax.  No more dusty offices, tax interviews in cramped cubicles,  or spending hours completing paper forms with Accountants named Paul.  Instead, a convenient online solution to manage your micro business in the new share economy.


Get sorted with Nixer and get on with your life.